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    Waste minimisation and valorisation

    Uncover strategies to minimise processing waste and discover new markets for your waste and by-products

    Our Approach
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    Natural and Clean Label Products and Markets

    Gain insights into players, trends, solutions and customers for natural and clean label ingredients

    Our Partners
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    Sustainable Sourcing

    Explore options for building a secure and sustainable supply chain

    About Us
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    Bioeconomy Commercial Opportunity Analysis

    Gain insights into the commercial opportunities for innovations in the bioeconomy

    Client Feedback
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    Efficient Conversion

    Identify and evaluate new and emerging processing technologies and resource management approaches

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Waste minimisation and valorisation

  • Convert materials that are under-utilised or going to waste into higher value products, by discovering new revenue streams and markets.
  • Identify potential valorisation options by reviewing the market and supply chain, and technology options.

Bioeconomy Commercial Opportunity Analysis

  • Explore the potential markets and applications for your innovations.
  • Identify commercial partners and interested stakeholders.
  • Understand the competitive landscape, products and trends, and needs of the end-users.

Natural and Clean Label Products and Markets

  • Identify natural, clean label solutions for sweeteners, protein, colourants, flavourings and other functional ingredients.
  • Understand new developments and emerging solutions.
  • See how other companies are using and marketing solutions.
  • Understand the market trends and demand.

Sustainable Sourcing

  • Identify resource efficient, low impact, sources of supply.
  • Identify ‘waste’ materials that might be suitable as a raw material for your processing needs.
  • Understand the emerging bioeconomy market for sustainable biochemicals and biomaterials to displace synthetics and petrochemicals.

Sustainable Agri-Food Industry

  • Identify options for sustainable farming and food processing.
  • Find and engage with partners with complementary technical or commercial offerings.
  • Understand consumer trends and stakeholder attitudes.

Efficient Conversion

  • Understand where key material losses happen across the supply chain and during processing and develop mitigating strategies.
  • Identify and evaluation new and emerging processing technologies to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

We tailor our approach for each project to meet your individual needs as well as operating according to some fundamental principles...

An iterative and pragmatic process

  • We use a phased approach, building touchpoints into the project plan so you can redirect, scale up, scale down, or kill the project as we progress
  • We offer Snapshots for urgent needs, providing you with a quick, top-level overview of a defined area, for example a preliminary mapping, key technology options, or potential partners

Optimised data sources

  • We interrogate a wide range of published data, including scientific research papers, patents, industry news, trade data, and Government publications
  • We conduct interviews with experts based worldwide providing you with opinion and insights from technology owners and developers, academic researchers, association and government committee members, and key opinion leaders

Independent viewpoints from a trusted advisor

  • We operate without preconceptions or bias and always provide you with our honest and objective opinion
  • We operate independently and do not own or develop any technology or IP
  • o We understand the commercial sensitivity of your interests and work anonymously and confidentially on your behalf


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About Lucid Insight

Lucid Insight was founded by Lucinda Tolhurst in March 2014

Lucinda has extensive experience of scientific innovation in many areas including resource minimisation, green energy, sustainable sourcing and waste valorisation, as well as broader product, process and business innovation. She has worked with of the world’s largest corporates for nearly 20 years, helping them to discover innovation and inspiration from across the world to support business growth and improve efficiency. Her experience covers various industry sectors including consumer goods, energy, chemicals, materials, automotive, healthcare, and agri-food.

At Lucid Insight, Lucinda builds project teams tailored to the needs of each client through partnering with other professional organisations, networks, and with a group of business associates.

Client Feedback

"This will really help us create momentum in the area."

“You have gathered a phenomenal amount of data in a very short amount of time, due to excellent communication and engagement with the key site stakeholders at all levels”

“We have very much appreciated your persistence and flexibility”

“The output … has provided us with extremely useful insights that will help our company move forwards with our food waste reduction strategy.”

"Great work and deep research for this difficult topic."

"Great facilitation, flexible in mind, very smart, excellent communication skills, results oriented…In short, it's been great working with you!"

"The project output at the time (as delivered by you) was wonderful."

"The work is high quality, which I have always experienced!"

"I felt that you delivered exactly what was requested, under an aggressive time line and in a technology / nascent market space that isn't simple...I really give the work you did a 10."

"Exceptional to deal with and exceeded my expectation."

"This information has and still is being used to inform the global (short to long term) strategy."

"Excellent work and convincing conclusion."

"We've identified 3-4 concrete actions which we will follow up to bring this programme to a more concrete next level"

lucid insight

1. Expressed clearly; easy to understand.
2. Bright or luminous.

1. The capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.


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